9 Incredible Insoles That Understand High Arches Need

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High arches, or pes cavus, can be a source of discomfort and pain for many individuals. Whether you’re an athlete seeking performance improvement or someone dealing with daily discomfort, understanding high arches and the right solutions is crucial.

Finding the right insoles is paramount for individuals with high arches. Not all insoles are created equal, and selecting ones specifically designed for high arch support is essential. Some top recommendations include brands like Dr. Scholl’s, Atlas Arch Support, Superfeet, PowerStep, SPIEZ, etc. offering orthotic solutions that care about the unique needs of high arches. They also have enhanced arch support, cushioning, and shock absorption for optimal comfort and pain relief. Here is the list:

  1. Dr. Scholl’s Prevent Pain Lower Body Protective Insoles
  2. Atlas Arch Support – Sports Insoles and Inserts for Plantar Fasciitis
  3. Superfeet All-Purpose Support High Arch Insoles
  4. Pure Stride Professional Full-Length Orthotics
  5. PowerStep Insoles, Pinnacle High Arch, Pain Relief Insole,
  6. Sof Sole Insoles Men’s High Arch Performance
  7. New Balance Sports High Arch Support Insoles
  8. Airplus Plantar Fasciitis Orthotic Shoe Insole
  9. SPIEZ High Arch Support
  • Brand: Dr. Scholl’s
  • Quantity: 1 Pair
  • Size: Men’s 8-14
  • Benefits: Proven pain prevention for foot, knee, and lower back
  • Features: Full foot combination of cushioning, support, and shock absorption
  • Arch Support: Flexible arch support adjusts with activity level
  • Trim-to-fit: Trim-to-fit design for use in running sneakers, casual shoes, and more.
  • Scientifically Proven Relief:
    • Find relief from muscle-induced stiffness and strain with our scientifically proven design.
  • Comprehensive Defense:
    • Experience a holistic combination of cushioning, support, and shock absorption to combat joint pains effectively.
  • Even Pressure Distribution:
    • Enjoy reduced soreness and achiness as our impact-absorbing cushioning evenly distributes pressure across the entire foot.
  • Targeted Stress Management:
    • Benefit from our shock-absorbing heel cup, designed to manage stress starting from the heel.
  • Adaptive Support:
    • Stay comfortable and stable with flexible arch support that adjusts to your activity level.
  • Universal Compatibility:
    • Fit into any shoe type, from running sneakers to casual footwear, with its trim-to-fit design.
  • Embrace Comfort and Support:
    • Say goodbye to lower body discomfort and welcome a life of comfort and support with our innovative solution.
  • Individuals experiencing foot, knee, and lower back pain, seeking effective prevention and relief.
  • Ideal for those engaged in fitness activities or spending extended periods on their feet, the insoles provide versatile support for various shoe types.
  • Brand: Atlas Arch Support
  • Material: Nylon, Polyurethane, Polyurethane Foam, Gel
  • Special Features: Arch Support, Durable, Cushioning, Shock Absorption, Soft, Pain Relief, Breathable
  • Unit Count: 1 Pair (2 insoles)
  • Customizable Fit: Easily trimmable for an individualized fit
  • Adjustment Period: Normal to feel arch pressure for the first 3-7 days
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: 100% satisfaction with a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Instant Pain Relief:
    • Experience immediate comfort with added cushioning and superior arch support for enduring relief.
  • Durable Design:
    • Crafted from high-quality polyurethane material, ensuring all-day comfort and long-lasting performance.
  • Improved Posture:
    • The uniquely curved shape promotes proper foot positioning, contributing to healthy alignment and posture.
  • Gradual Adjustment Period:
    • Normal arch pressure may be felt during the initial 3-7 days.
    • We recommend starting with 2-3 hours daily and gradually increasing the duration for optimal comfort.
  • Customizable Fit:
    • Easily trimmable insoles allow for a personalized fit tailored to your individual needs.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:
    • We are confident in our product’s effectiveness and offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Men and women seeking relief from plantar fasciitis and those looking to enhance everyday comfort.
  • Ideal for individuals wanting to improve their athletic performance with reliable arch support.
  • Brand: Superfeet
  • Color: Green
  • Material: Polyester
  • Use for: Feet
  • Size: Men 5.5-7 / Women 6.5-8
  • Trim-To-Fit: Customize insoles to fit your shoes perfectly
  • Odor Control: Moisture wick top cover for freshness
  • High-Density Foam:
    • Ensures durable support and comfort for everyday use.
  • Trim-to-Fit Design:
    • Customize the insoles to fit your shoes perfectly; follow cutting instructions for optimal sizing.
  • High Arch Support:
    • The deep heel cup aligns with the body’s natural cushioning, providing maximum support for high arches.
  • Premium Arch Support:
    • The sculpted heel cup enhances natural shock absorption and is designed for roomy footwear.
  • Odor Control Technology:
    • Moisture wick top cover helps reduce odors, keeping feet fresh throughout the day.
  • Formerly Known as Superfeet GREEN:
    • The same trusted arch support insoles, now with a new name.
  • Anyone with high arches seeking professional-grade support and comfort.
  • Ideal for those requiring maximum arch support in roomy footwear.
  • Brand: Pure Stride
  • Use for: Foot
  • Material: Plastic
  • Recommended Uses: Suitable for shoes
  • Four Layers: Odor-free breathable mesh, soft EVA layer, polypropylene shell, and high-durometer EVA
  • Doctor-Approved: Trusted and recommended by medical professionals
  • Application: Insert red side up, wear gradually, and adjust usage according to comfort
  • Easy Cleaning: Wash with warm soap and water, and air dry for convenient maintenance.
  • Four Layers of Maximum Comfort:
    • Pure Stride Orthotics features four layers, including odor-free breathable mesh, a soft EVA layer for foot cushioning, a polypropylene shell, and a high-durometer EVA, ensuring exceptional comfort.
  • Quick Pain Relief:
    • Effectively relieves common foot ailments such as Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Spurs, and Metatarsalgia for prompt pain relief.
  • Doctor-Approved and Used by Medical Professionals:
    • Trusted and recommended by medical professionals who understand the specific needs of your feet.
  • Easy Application:
    • Remove the inserts from your shoes, insert Pure Stride Orthotics red side up, wear for a few hours, and gradually increase usage until your feet adjust.
  • Easy to Clean:
    • Hassle-free cleaning with warm soap and water, allowing for air drying.
  • Any person experiencing foot pain, including conditions like Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Spurs, and Metatarsalgia.
  • Ideal for those seeking a doctor-approved orthotic solution for enhanced foot comfort.
  • Brand: PowerStep
  • Color: Blue/Dark Green
  • Fabric Type: 100% Polyester
  • Arch Support: Firm and flexible neutral arch support with deep heel cradle
  • Cushioning: Premium dual-layer cushioning for all-day comfort
  • Recommended Use: Alleviates foot conditions related to supination such as Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, Fat Pad Atrophy, and Morton’s Neuroma
  • Trimming: No trimming required; easily movable between shoes
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: 30-day return policy for a refund on Amazon
  • High Arch Support:
    • Features firm and flexible neutral arch support with a deep heel cradle, offering increased comfort, stability, and motion control.
    • Effectively aligns feet, relieves and prevents pain from supination, and protects against pressure on the ball and heel.
  • All Day Comfort and Support:
    • Utilizes premium dual-layer cushioning for enhanced comfort from heel to toe.
    • Provides bounce back with each step, maintaining support without flattening over time.
  • Relieves and Prevents Pain:
    • Specifically designed to alleviate common foot conditions caused by supination, including Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, Fat Pad Atrophy, and Morton’s Neuroma.
  • No Trimming Required:
    • PowerStep insoles can be easily moved from shoe to shoe.
    • Sized by shoe size and intended for footwear with removable factory insoles, suitable for Athletic (Walking/Running), Work, and Casual Dress Shoes.
  • Made in the USA:
    • Backed by a commitment to quality, PowerStep products are guaranteed to be free of defects in materials and workmanship.
    • A 30-day satisfaction guarantee ensures a risk-free trial.
  • People with high arches seek firm support and pain relief, particularly those experiencing foot conditions related to supination.
  • Ideal for use in Athletic (Walking/Running), Work, and Casual Dress Shoes.
  • Manufacturer: Sof Sole
  • Color: Grey
  • Arch Support: Enhanced arch height for high arches
  • Gel Cushioning: Targeted gel drop in the heel for extra comfort
  • Heel Cup: Deep heel cup for stability
  • Shoe Compatibility: Suitable for athletic and casual shoes
  • Enhanced Arch Support:
    • Specifically designed for high arches, providing the necessary support for improved comfort.
  • Targeted Gel Cushioning:
    • Gel drop in the heel area offers extra cushioning, enhancing shock absorption during activities.
  • Deep Heel Cup:
    • Prevents heel slip and maintains heel stability for a secure fit.
  • Versatile Usage:
    • Suitable for both athletic and casual shoes, making them perfect for various activities.
  • Ideal for Active Lifestyles:
    • Well-suited for walking, running, cross-training, and everyday casual use.
  • Customers with high arches seek additional support and comfort.
  • Ideal for those engaged in walking, running, cross-training, and daily activities.
  • Manufacturer: New Balance
  • Water Resistance Level: Not Water Resistant
  • Designed for: Men and Women
  • Forefoot Cushioning: Provides a bouncy underfoot feel for high-impact activities
  • Heel Cups: Sculpted to cradle the heel and enhance shock absorption
  • Versatile Usage: Suitable for replacing factory insoles in athletic and training shoes
  • Moisture-Wicking: Controls odor and minimizes friction by wicking away moisture
  • Specifically Designed for Athletes:
    • Tailored for the needs of athletes, these insoles offer enduring comfort and robust support.
  • High-Impact Support:
    • Forefoot cushioning delivers a resilient underfoot feel, ensuring added protection during high-impact activities. Sculpted heel cups cradle the heel, enhancing shock absorption.
  • Versatile Wear:
    • Intended to replace factory insoles in athletic footwear and training shoes, providing an upgrade in support and comfort.
  • Moisture-Wicking Technology:
    • Engineered to control odor and minimize friction by efficiently wicking away moisture, maintaining a dry and comfortable environment.
  • Men and women engaged in high-impact athletic activities, seeking durable comfort and support.
  • Ideal for those looking to enhance the performance and longevity of their athletic footwear.
  • Brand: Airplus
  • Use for: Men and Women
  • Design: Slim 3/4 length design
  • Suitable for: High heel, casual, athletic, and dress shoes
  • Support: Arch plate for plantar fascia support
  • Heel Cup: Includes a gel drop for additional cushioning and stability
  • Comfort: Provides superior support and comfort for individuals with plantar fasciitis
  • Superior Support for the Plantar Fascia:
    • Specifically designed to provide excellent support for the plantar fascia, offering relief from pain and discomfort.
  • Full Foot Comfort Solution:
    • Comprehensive insole solution delivering comfort to the entire foot, ensuring a soothing experience with each step.
  • Slim 3/4 Length Design:
    • Designed to avoid crowding toes, fits seamlessly in high heels, casual, athletic, and dress shoes for versatile use.
  • Arch Plate Support:
    • Features an arch plate that supports the plantar fascia, contributing to increased overall comfort.
  • Heel Cup with Gel Drop:
    • Incorporates a heel cup with a gel drop, offering additional cushioning for heel spurs.
    • It provides stability and keeps the foot securely in place.
  • Men and women are seeking extra cushioning and pain relief, especially those experiencing discomfort related to plantar fasciitis.
  • Ideal for use in various shoe types, including high heels, casual shoes, athletic shoes, and dress shoes.
  • Brand: SPIEZ
  • Color: Black/Blue
  • Use for: Feet
  • Material: Plastic
  • Recommended Uses: Suitable for various types of shoes
  • Design Features: Arch support, shock-absorbing GELs, and TPU sheet
  • Weight Capacity: Suitable for individuals weighing 200lbs or more
  • Usage Recommendation: Start with 2-3 hours per day, gradually increasing wear time
  • Arch Support and Pain Relief:
    • Featuring TPU sheets and cushioning GELs, SPIEZ orthopedic insoles offer superior arch support and shock absorption.
    • Effectively relieve and prevent foot pain associated with plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and flat feet, promoting comfort and fatigue relief.
  • Heavy Duty:
    • Constructed from premium materials, these high arch insoles are designed for individuals weighing 200 lbs or more, providing support and weight distribution to reduce stress while walking or standing.
  • Balance and Stability:
    • The heel cup design corrects foot positioning, stabilizes the entire body, and distributes weight correctly.
    • This helps alleviate discomfort from ankle, knee, bunions, and lower back pain.
  • Suitable for Various Shoes:
    • SPIEZ orthotic inserts for men and women are versatile and fit different types of shoes, including walking shoes, work sneakers, service shoes, boots, and more.
    • The functional design and stylish appearance make them an excellent gift for friends or family.
  • Kindly Reminder:
    • Read the Instructions for Use before trimming the insoles.
    • The initial pressure in the feet for the first 7 days is normal as your feet adjust to arch support.
    • Start with 2-3 hours per day and gradually increase wear time.
  • Sports enthusiasts with high arches and individuals experiencing foot pain related to plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and flat feet.
  • It is ideal for those weighing 200 lbs or more, and seeking balance, stability, and relief from ankle, knee, bunions, and lower back pain.

Issues Caused by High Arches:

High arches can lead to a variety of issues, impacting not only the feet but also the ankles, knees, and lower back. Common problems associated with high arches include:

  1. Plantar Fasciitis:
    • The heightened arch can strain the plantar fascia, leading to inflammation and pain.
  2. Heel Spurs:
    • Excessive pressure on the heel may contribute to the development of painful heel spurs.
  3. Ankle Instability:
    • The elevated arch can affect ankle stability, increasing the risk of sprains and instability.
  4. Knee and Lower Back Pain:
    • Improper weight distribution due to high arches may result in discomfort and pain in the knees and lower back.

Insights from Doctors:

To gain a deeper understanding of high arches and their impact, we spoke to medical professionals.

  • Dr. Sarah Johnson, a podiatrist, emphasizes the importance of addressing high arches promptly. “Untreated high arches can lead to chronic pain and long-term issues. It’s crucial to invest in proper support, such as orthotic insoles, to mitigate potential complications,” she advises.
  • Dr. Michael Patel, an orthopedic specialist, echoes this sentiment, emphasizing the role of proactive care in preventing further complications.

How Do High Arch Insoles Help?

High arch insoles provide targeted support to address the unique biomechanics of individuals with pes cavus. These insoles typically feature:

  1. Enhanced Arch Support:
    • Specialized insoles are designed to fill the gap created by high arches, providing the necessary support to distribute pressure evenly.
  2. Cushioning:
    • High arch insoles often incorporate cushioning materials to absorb shock and reduce impact during walking or running.
  3. Stabilization:
    • Some insoles include features like heel cups and rigid support to stabilize the foot, reducing the risk of injuries associated with high arches.

Also Explore:

How Do I Know If I Even Have High Arches?

Determining if you have high arches is a crucial first step. Look for these common signs:

  1. Minimal Footprint:
    • Check the imprint your wet foot leaves on a surface. A high arch may result in a footprint with a thin band connecting the heel and ball of the foot.
  2. Foot Discomfort:
    • Persistent pain in the arch, heel, or ankle, especially during physical activities, may indicate high arches.
  3. Footwear Wear Patterns:
    • Uneven wear on the soles of your shoes, particularly on the outer edges, can suggest high arches.

Buy Insoles for High Arches:

In summary, it can be said that high arches can present challenges, but with the right knowledge and proactive measures, individuals can manage and alleviate associated discomfort. Investing in the best insoles for high arches, understanding potential issues, and seeking professional advice are key steps toward maintaining foot health and overall well-being. If you suspect you have high arches or experience persistent foot pain, consult with a healthcare professional for a thorough evaluation and personalized recommendations.

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